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Donna Bonn Designs

Golf Wear That Puts Couture on the Course

By Helen Trent

 Anna Grzebien will wear Donna Bonn Designs in 2010

Anna Grzebien will wear Donna Bonn Designs in 2010

Lady Golfers everywhere are rejoicing over the development of Donna Bonn Designs, the only line of Golf Clothing exclusively for women that is fashionable, fits a woman’s figure, and is fun to wear.

One look at Donna Bonn Designs and it’s obvious why her products are all the latest buzz in women’s golf.  The contemporary fit of these golf shirts is a huge step up from the boxy, short shirts that have traditionally been available for lady golfers.  Donna Bonn designs have a longer, more fitted style which means that not only will the wearer look more fashionable in these shirts, but she won’t have to worry about needless wardrobe malfunctions, such as her stomach being exposed at follow through due to a traditional short shirt, and can focus on the game.  As if this were not great enough, Donna Bonn will soon be releasing long sleeve golf shirts and stretchy skorts that are sure to be flying off the shelves.

Donna Bonn uses a bamboo and organic cotton blended material which has a luscious cashmere feel.   This amazing fabric has an intuitive quality, as it can keep cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

The unique features of this line of clothing do not stop at material and fit.  The design of these pieces is gorgeous and will look great on any player with styles including lace on the bottom of the shirt, rhinestone zippers, unique sleeves, graphic tees, etc…With three main styles to choose from, Seville, Abbey, and Taylor, every female golfer is sure to find something fabulous.

Donna Bonn is herself an avid golfer, and knows what women golfers want when it comes to fashion on the course.   Her father played on the PGA tour and her maternal grandmother was a professional golfer as well, so you could say golfing is in her blood.   Although now playing for fun, Bonn was a junior All-American and played on full scholarship for the University of Arizona.  Through all her experience playing, Bonn was frustrated with the fashion, or lack thereof, that was available for women golfers.  Combining her two passions of golf and fashion, Donna Bonn Designs was born and is growing rapidly.

“The new generation of women golfers want to wear fashion on the golf course….they are excited that a line of this type finally exists!”

Based in Chandler, AZ, this All-American company is reaching active women everywhere who want to look fashionable but not sacrifice functionality to look good on the course.  Women who wear her products might range in ability and level, but one thing they can all agree on is fashion and a love for golf!

Many professional female golfers are already wearing Donna Bonn on tour: Anna Grzebien, Gerina Mendoza, Kelly Sheehan (Big Break), Sara Brown (Big Break), Taryn Durham (Big Break), Brandi Jackson, Jenny Suh, Christina Jones, Sara Hurwitch, and Lindsey Bergeon are known as “The Bonn Girls” and are all young, attractive and talented professional lady golfers, who are helping to pave the way for Donna Bonn Designs to take over Golf Fashion in a big way.

Extremely unique, Donna Bonn Designs is the only company offering contemporary Ladies Golf Fashion.  Available online at donnabonndesigns.com and in various stores throughout the US, Donna Bonn is putting couture on the course and redefining fashion for women golfers everywhere.

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