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Discover wine through a film lens

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has launched the TCM Wine Club, a new venture that curates originally produced wines inspired by classic films, as well as expertly selected varietals from renowned vineyards around the globe. TCM has partnered with Direct Wines, specialists in direct-to-consumer wine partnerships, and Wines That Rock, the pop culture wine company behind classic Rock ’n’ Roll-influenced wines, to create an exclusive club for film buffs and wine enthusiasts alike.

As part of the inaugural offer, new members will receive 15 bottles, including the release of Café Zoetrope, a custom-crafted red from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Members will also enjoy True Grit Limited Edition Zinfandel and The Essentials Cabernet Sauvignon – the first in a series of single-varietal wines specifically curated for TCM Wine Club members.

Each quarter thereafter, club members will receive 12 bottles, which include movie-themed wines handpicked by TCM Wine Club experts. All cases will be accompanied by detailed background notes on each wine and suggested movie pairings.

“We are always looking for new and exciting brand extension opportunities and are thrilled to partner with Direct Wines and Wines that Rock to bring our fans additional classic film lifestyle experiences,” said Jennifer Dorian, general manager at TCM. “TCM at its core is a curator of movies, and with the TCM Wine Club, we can be an authentic source for wine and movie pairings.”

“The TCM Wine Club puts a fresh and fun spin on wine clubs – creating a totally unique experience of exploration.  TCM has a great tradition of curating the best cinema for us all to enjoy. Now, the TCM Wine Club will extend that tradition by bringing together a formidable team of wine experts to guide its members through the world of wine but always through the lens of film.  Pairing expertly sourced wines together with must-see cinema will highlight the joy of discovery for both movie- and wine-lovers alike,” said Howard Jackowitz, co-founder of Wines That Rock, LLC.

TCM Wine Club will debut with a special offer of $79.99 (plus $19.99 for shipping) for the first quarter shipment. The club is fully customized, with future selections tailored to each member’s personal tastes. There is a 20 percent savings on all future cases. For more information, visit TCMWineClub.com.

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