Dining » Vol. 2

Dining Trends 2008

1. Speed
Everyone will order and pay for food with mobile phones.

2. Niche dining
Very specific focus food outlets such as ceviche bars, chocolate lounges, and kebab counters.

3. Gastrobartenders
Bartenders are now becoming “Bar chefs” and using more fresh and creative ingredients like herbs and exotic fruits.

4. Nutritional scoring
Menus may read more like nutritional labels very soon.

5. Head to tail dining
Yes, innards and other parts you wouldn’t think of eating are now on the menu.

6. Dessert restaurants
Pastry chefs are opening restaurants and offering sweet/savory combinations or just sweet menu items.

7. “Creative” ice cream flavors
What’s the strangest flavor you’ve seen? Or better yet, tried?

8. Gastronomy for kids
Greasy fries-n-franks children’s menus are on the way out.

9. Haute hamburgers
Classier burgers are showing up not just at 4 star establishments, but at fast food outlets and custom burger bars

10. Less is more
The small plate/bite phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.

11. Green is glorious
SOL food (seasonal, organic and local) is everywhere, and now restaurants are going waaay sustainable with biodegradable disposable tableware, eco-friendly cleaners and a host of other green business practices.

12. Grocery stores with restaurants

13. Split decision
A range of wine options: by the glass, the bottle, the half bottle, the 2 oz. taste, even the quartino.

14. The chef’s new signature dishes
Goodbye stale peanuts ~ bar snacks are becoming like pre-appetizers and getting pretty fancy.

15. Sweet meets Savory
You’ll see combinations like foie gras with caramel, desserts finished off with salt, soups topped with sorbet.

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