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Diamond (shapes) are a woman’s best friend

style-and-beauty-summerized2Can’t afford diamonds, emeralds and pearls?

Graphic artist Summer Powell’s new Gemetrica Collection features three distinctive necklace and earring styles, named for the shape, not the gem. The sharp, three-dimensional Rock Star Diamond, Future Victorian Emerald, and Mod Moire Pearl necklaces and earrings are available in both black and white designs.
“I love geometry, pattern and symbol, so creating these glam statement baubles for my Gemetrica Collection came naturally. The bold, graphic, intricate, yet lightweight, gems are created in CAD and produced using innovative 3D printing technology,” said Powell. “Inspired by classic luxury jewelry shapes with a modern twist, the delicate lines, shadows and moiré patterns created by my jewelry make it fun and sexy to wear.”

Made with a unique three-dimensional printing process, all of the pieces in the Gemetrica Collection are affordable and can be worn with any ensemble, whether at the office or out on the town. Retail prices range from $75 for earrings to $125 for necklaces.

With an MFA in graphic design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Powell has served as the creative head in several design firms throughout her career. She was also the co-founder and manager of the New York-based boutique design firm, Elevator, where she jointly oversaw all of the firm’s managerial, creative and strategic activities with her partner.

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