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Coconut oil is the next big trend

Coconut Oil ProductsLooking for the next big ingredient in natural beauty? Described by many as the healthiest and most beneficial oil on earth, coconut oil is emerging as a major beauty trend. It is one of the most effective moisturizing and anti-aging tools because it is loaded with antioxidants and is easily absorbed without any residue. Coconut oil has been consumed for thousands of years in tropical cultures, and research shows that it can be used to treat Alzheimer’s or diabetes; heal skin suffering from rosacea, psoriasis or eczema; and kill bacteria and viruses. Commonly, it is used to condition and strengthen hair, boost metabolism to promote weight loss and provide natural energy.

Want to jump on the beauty bandwagon? Here are some products rich in coconut oil:

Decléor Systeme Corps Moisturizing Milk ($45, This must-have body moisturizer contains coconut oil to envelop your skin in a comforting and protective layer of moisture. It not only re-hydrates the skin but improves elasticity and firmness, enhancing the overall appearance of your skin. With its light texture, it hydrates and softens the skin’s surface layers to give the skin a velvety smoothness.

Kanshi Replenishing Cream Cleanser ($37, This lightweight cream cleanser gently, yet effectively, cleanses skin. Infused with extracts of mango, papaya and coconut oils, it deep cleanses skin while keeping it soft and luminous.

Sisley Sisleya Global Anti-Age Extra Rich Cream ($350.50, This luxurious treatment from Sisley is formulated for the ultimate comfort of dry skin and enriched with regenerating properties to help stimulate the mechanism of young skin. It contains coconut oil, which provides essential moisture to help restore balance and intensely improve skin tone and resilience. This cream leaves skin soft, smooth, supple and luminous.

Aroma Naturals Coconut & Vanilla Blossom Massage Oil ($12.50, This calming therapeutic body oil contains Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, which are great for your body. The complex blend of fragrant aromatherapy essential oils and oils containing vitamins A, C and E improve the health of your skin from the first use. This oil is light, delicate, nourishing and absorbs fast and is never greasy. Great for an all-over massage and as an all-over moisturizer after the shower or bath.

Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm ($12.99, Infused with a variety of moisturizers, including coconut oil and vitamin B5, this balm hydrates the skin and fortifies its acid mantle to maintain a healthy moisture level. The balm employs sodium citrate to stabilize the acid mantle and restore the skin to a healthy pH. As a result, skin retains its natural moisture, displaces foreign toxins and remains healthy and smooth.

Amarte Eyeconic Eye Cream ($55, This silky-soft, anti-wrinkle rejuvenator uses a coconut oil emollient that promotes perfect, smooth absorption of moisture without leaving an oily residue on skin. The sophisticated, yet mild, Korean formula utilizes nanoencapsulates ~ the highest levels of enhanced stability pure retinol available ~ for deep penetration with zero irritation. Additional hydrators like argan oil and ginkgo nut extracts nourish, protect and condition the skin for optimal hydration and elasticity.

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