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Cloutier’s new album offers a cold beauty

By Adam Campbell

After five years, Dan Cloutier has released another album. The Battle of Greenland was released in January. In the five years since his last album, Blind Willie’s Lighthouse, Cloutier has had two children and faced his share of hardships. When his son was born five years ago, he was born with a tumor that required him to stay in the hospital. During that time, as well, both his grandfather and uncle passed away. That time of hardship defines this new album.

“I feel that the reason that cold remote places such as Greenland make the perfect setting for this collection of songs is simply the feeling of the unknown,” Cloutier said. “Before we had kids, my wife and I traveled to places like that a lot, and we found a lot of beauty there.”

Cloutier said while he was with his son in the hospital room, the dimly lit fluorescent lights combined with his feelings of fear gave him the feeling of being back on the Greenland tundra and staring into the unknown.

“I was able to fund this album through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. To thank people, I’m going to be allowing people to download the album for free or for a donation to Charity Water at noisetrade.com/dancloutier,” he said.

“I feel like this is my best album yet; it’s without a doubt my most thought-out album.” Cloutier said. “I feel like I expressed everything I wanted to get across in this album, but I’m sure in a year there will be something I wish I did differently. You’re always the most critical on yourself after a few years pass.”

The first and last songs on the album (“Cold Puzzle” and “Days of Resurrection”) are the most personally meaningful. Cloutier said, despite the tundra theme veneer, the album is based on real experiences. Whether it be about his son in the hospital or losing his uncle and grandfather, each song on this album has a special meaning to him.

And, Cloutier said, he appreciates the support of the music community of Central Massachusetts.

“Being a singer in Central Massachusetts, rather than in larger cities such as Boston, gives a better sense of community. Less people trying to just make a career out of it and more people making it a life commitment. No one trying to one-up each other; it’s all for the love of music.”

Now Cloutier is working on getting to work with his new band, The Great Molasses Flood, which he started with his friends Kim Jennings and Ricardo Barraza.

“Amazing songs, well thought-out harmonies and great energy,” is how Cloutier described the new project. “It’s so great to work with these people.”

For more information, visit dancloutier.com or greatmolassesflood.com.

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