Cleaning products to cut your budget

Caretakers want to keep things as clean as possible and that often means spending big money on cleaning supplies, air fresheners and more. These products will give you great results and help you cut down on your supply shopping list.


Save some serious cash and stop buying room diffusers, air fresheners, candles and other fragrances to cover up smells. Simply remove stinky odors from shoes, gym bags, the car, garbage cans and more with Remodeez non-toxic products! These smart, safe, effective and odorless gadgets come in four handy sizes (footwear, home, travel and auto). They use activated charcoal derived from coconut husks to absorb odor at the source. The line is hypoallergenic, toxin-free and environmentally friendly. Remodeez lasts for up to one year and may be placed in the sun as needed to recharge. $9.99,


Save hundreds of dollars every year by not having to buy harmful chemicals like Drano or hire plumbers to fix drains, thanks to these nifty, inexpensive gadgets. Designed to fit directly inside all standard size sink, shower and tub drain openings, the TubShroom, SinkShroom and ShowerShroom are guaranteed to catch every single hair (and many other things that go down the drain). Wet or dry hair will instantly come off the cylinder, even if you don’t remove it right away. Hair and other items will wrap around the mid-cylinder while the water flows freely through the multiple holes strategically located throughout the unit. $12.99,

Hydaway Bottle

Hydration is very important for the elderly. Keep your loved one hydrated with the Hydaway collapsible water bottle. These bottles fold down to just an inch in height when not being used. The Hydaway can be refilled at any drinking fountain or other water source you desire. Then simply fold it up and put it in your pocket, your purse, backpack or anywhere else when you’re done. To clean it, simply stick it in the dishwasher. $20, 



The CarbonKlean line of products will save you hundreds of dollars in expensive lens wipes and lens cleaning solution because CarbonKlean products are reusable. This line is designed specifically for cleaning lenses and screens of all types, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, iPhones and tablets. The technology behind CarbonKlean is completely “green” because it utilizes the natural element of carbon. $14.99, 


Petal and Post Wool Dryer Balls

Anything that saves money and eliminates some of the chemicals we use in our day-to-day life is a good buy. Petal and Post Wool Dryer Balls will save you money since you will no longer have to purchase dryer sheets. These natural replacements for traditional dryer sheets also shorten drying time by wicking moisture away from your clothes, which saves energy, too. These cool dryer balls bounce around in the dryer, reducing static and keeping clothes from clinging to each other. The best part is they last for years and can completely replace expensive dryer sheets. $19.99,

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