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Christine Conway: Feng Shui Expert

By Johanna Lolax

Photo by Charlotte, owner of Penelope Rose Photography.

Photo by Charlotte, owner of Penelope Rose Photography.

Christine Conway turned 50 on February 2, 2010 – but she feels like she’s 30.

Successfully juggling multiple projects was Christine’s specialty at Digital, then Intel, for 29 years before she left to form her own corporation, Christine Conway, LLC – Certified Feng Shui Professional.

Christine credits Feng Shui (pronounced fung-shway) with helping her to learn to “go with the flow of life” and “to attract positive things.” Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, is an ancient Chinese art and science. Practitioners study personal environments and how to use the flow of energy called chi (or chee) to design living spaces that attract abundance in wealth, career, and relationships.

“I released all the controlling, and the worrying,” she says, “and then realized that things were getting done faster, and I started getting bigger raises!”

Christine’s knowledge and happiness increased along with her income: She studied Black Hat Feng Shui with Spiritual Leader Thomas Lin Yun at Harvard University and became certified while still at Intel. Soon she met her husband, now her partner in prosperity. “When I met my husband, he understood Feng Shui because he had been in landscaping. Now we’re reviewing bolder colors to get us a little out of our comfort level, to help us reach our next goals.”

Attracting abundance now comes naturally to Christine in all areas of her life, including her growing business, which offers home, business, and landscaping consultations, a weekly online radio show, and community-based Feng Shui training seminars ~ all at reasonable prices. She’s not just juggling projects anymore. She’s orchestrating the whole show.

Q. Tell us about how your workday has changed, now that you’ve left corporate America.

“The first thing I do when I wake up is think about [something positive] I read before I went to bed…and what I’m going to do during the day,” she says. “I do my yoga stretching…then I do my quiet meditation for 20-30 minutes. Then I jump on the laptop. I have quite a few client requests coming in, and I like to respond right away. I’m always working on new training materials and radio scripts. Every Tuesday is my bookkeeping day. I like the variety.”

Q. How has Feng Shui has changed your life?

“At corporate, I felt like I was 60,” Christine says. “…I was successful at my job, and I was single and bought my own house, but I was really stressed, really uptight. I’d always been in tactical roles at corporate ~ delivering, organizing. I work at every level now. I work strategically…and stay open to new things.”

Q. And now we call on your expertise ~ will you give our Vitality readers some tips on how to ensure good energy in their homes?

“One of the first things I tell everyone is to turn on their front door lights, says Christine, “…it makes the house more inviting, so more positive energy will come in. The front door of the house is the Mouth of Chi. Energy comes in whether you use it or not ~ start using it!”

You should have a focal point when you come in the front door, like a table or a mirror, to direct energy. You take a Feng Shui Map [Bagua] and lay it over the floor plan of the house to identify specific life areas. Everything in my home is put there with purpose…placement pulls energy in through the front room, and directs energy to my Wealth Corner. Plants and flowers in front of the house attract good energy, too (I use plants and flowers in brilliant colors ~ Brown-eyed Susans, daisies, lilies. My office is purple and avocado green. Purple inspires me, and green shows growth.).

Set the energy in your home to where you want to go in life, not where you’re comfortable ~ because then you won’t go anywhere.”

Q. Where do you see Feng Shui taking you in, say, five years?

In five years, I want to be filling rooms with audiences to hear my message about how to live the best life they can ~ with Feng Shui, every day [things] are getting a little bit better.”

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