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Chef Randy Rabney’s Delicious for Life

By Jennifer Russo

As a woman who remembers how busy she was raising her son, balancing two full time jobs, and trying to get in workouts at the gym like it was yesterday, I have realized two very important things when it comes to cooking:  A) Who has the time when she (or he) walks in the door to make healthy meals for oneself and a spouse, never mind friends and family who might drop by and B) Forget “me time” for exercise, that becomes a pipe dream!  But since we’d all like to put nutritious meals on the table, how can we find the time when we’re already juggling so much?dining-and-entertaining-book-delicious-for-life-randy-rabney

Chef Randy Rabney has the answers in her new book, Delicious for Life. Not only does this non-traditional cookbook offer some really tasty recipes, but it also outlines how to stock your cabinet and fridge with quality ingredients that stretch your budget and keep you on a healthy track, EVEN during a time crunch.  In fact, you probably have most of the ingredients you need already.

In this age of TV commercials and internet pop-up ads bombarding us on a daily basis with claims of offering the best diet for the masses and the easiest ways to shrink your belly in three days’ time, Randy takes a step back and shows her readers that nutritional needs are just not a cookie-cutter concept.  What I found most intriguing was her take on cookbook recipes: they shouldn’t necessarily be followed to the letter, but used as more of a guideline to creating a meal that works for you, that you enjoy, and that addresses what your body needs.  Those three variables are different for everyone.

The book challenges those who think they can’t cook by removing the pressure from the equation. You know what ingredients you like. Take them and make meals out of them.  Delicious for Life is an easy to follow and back to basics look at cooking. Chef Rabney shows how making delicious and healthy meals can be as easy as making that boxed mac & cheese you’ve had twice this week already.  She encourages experimentation in cooking, reminding readers that some of the best and most world-renowned recipes were kitchen mistakes gone terribly right.

You can pick up Delicious for Life and check out other healthy eating tips by visiting Randy’s website at:  www. You can also get the e-book version for your Kindle on

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