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Cellceuticals® Announces a Revolutionary New Approach to Anti-Aging

By Lynn N. Capri

6a00d8349c885353ef0120a751-copyCosmetic surgery that targets aging skin has seen a tremendous surge in the past five years, but not everyone is a candidate for ~ or believer in ~ cosmetic surgery; consumers are also seeking less-invasive approaches to maintain a youthful appearance. As a result, world-renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher and beauty industry veteran Paul Scott Premo have combined their extensive expertise and experience to create CellCeuticals® Biomedical Skin Treatments, a revolutionary system that integrates the latest advances in biotechnology and medical science into bio-treatments that target the underlying source of cellular skin aging and help re-createvisibly younger skin.

The Solution: CellCeuticals® Biomedical Skin Treatments

While surgery is not for everyone, taking care of one’s skin is a part of everyone’s daily regimen. “With years of work in the beauty industry, I know first hand that savvy customers expect more than a ‘glorified miracle in a bottle’ and ‘empty promises,’” says Paul Scott Premo, CEO of CellCeuticals® Skin Care, Inc. “They’re frustrated with unrealistic claims.  They want products that deliver their promised results….”

The Science:  Proprietary & Patent Pending Technology

The CellCeuticals Growth Factor Peptide (GFP) Cellular Complex is a groundbreaking technology combining next generation lipopeptides, retinol and antioxidants in a proprietary nanoemulsion delivery system that targets cellular skin aging. The GFP Cellular Complex was designed to facilitate a “proliferation response” and eliminate the “inflammatory response” common with other anti-aging ingredients and procedures.

The GFP Cellular Complex triggers cellular stimulation to encourage the regeneration of vital proteins responsible for firmer, thicker and youthful looking skin.

Stephens & Associates conducted the extensive eight-week, independent clinical study under the direction of Chief Science Investigator Dr. Thomas Stephens.  The results of the clinical study concluded the CellCeuticals Skin Treatments System with GFP Cellular Complex was proven to:
• Diminish visible wrinkles by 36%
• Decrease the appearance of the deepest wrinkle depth by 45%
• Renew skin smoothness by 64%
• Refine skin texture by 31%
• Reveal skin radiance by 33%
• Revitalize skin tone by 24%
• Restore skin firmness by 20%
• Replenish skin moisture by 48%
• Reduce skin redness by 87%

The CellCeuticals® Biomedical Skin Treatment collection includes:

Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser: This one-step skin cleanser effectively removes daily impurities and eye makeup without stinging eyes or stripping skin of essential moisture. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. To be used day and night.

Extreme Defense Anti-Cell Damage Skin Treatment: This powerful antioxidant day treatment helps defend skin against age-promoting free radicals with vitamins C, E & Panthenol (B-5) and Green Tea. To be used during the day.

CellGenesis Regenerative Skin Treatment: Super-potent night treatment with exclusive and patent pending GFP Cellular Complex acts as a cellular stimulant to encourage the regeneration of new surface cells for visibly younger skin. To be used at night.

NeoCell Micro-Resurfacing Skin Treatment: Natural enzymes and volcanic micro-minerals gently resurface skin without irritation revealing smoother, radiant, and healthier-looking skin. To be used 1-2 times per week.

CerActive Active Moisture + Barrier Repair Skin Treatment: Deep penetrating moisture and barrier repair treatment soothes skin and provides long-lasting skin hydration. To be used day or night as needed.

The Results of using the collection? Clinical tests revealed that after just two weeks of using CellCeuticals Biomedical Skin Treatments, subjects’ skin appeared firmer and more radiant, and even the appearance of the deepest wrinkle depth had been dramatically decreased.

The CellCeuticals® Biomedical Skin Treatments collection is available at or by calling 1-888.695.0335.

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