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Celebrity Natural Skincare Consultant Brooke Young Launches Pedicureans

By Erin Hansen

Introducing Pedicureans Indulgent Foot & Body Care, the first 100% all-natural, toxic free and organic line of products specifically addressing the health and beauty needs of the feet and skin. Pedicureans fills a void in the foot care beauty market where to date a full line of 100% all-natural, organic, synthetic-free foot care products hasn’t existed. Pedicureans brings a natural and organic blend of world class exotic ingredients together that are 100% all-natural and toxic free to cure stressed- feet as well as the body, leaving behind healthy supple skin for consumers.  We sometimes forget how much our feet do for us and that they really are one of the most important parts of the body to pamper and

Pedicureans was created and developed by Brooke Young, an Emmy nominated TV producer, celebrity natural skincare consultant, and Sephora private skincare advisor. She shared, “What we put on our feet and body should be just as safe and nutritious as what we put in our bodies and I found the foot care beauty market to be cluttered with products that contained an overwhelming amount of toxins, chemicals and synthetics. When I couldn’t find 100% all-natural products to recommend to clients in search of them or even use myself, I decided to begin creating a solution.” After an exhaustive search, she turned towards her kitchen with an armful of all-natural ingredients to begin creating for herself and her family what she couldn’t find anywhere else.

A couple of years and dozens of original natural formulas she’s developed later, Brooke Young is now using the same urgency, eco-consciousness and quality natural ingredients to share the Pedicureans Indulgent Foot & Body Care line with the world.

beauty-pedicureans-coconut-milk-soakHand crafted in the US and created from a delectable blend of all-natural and organic ingredients, Pedicureans is a healthy indulgence of luscious and results-oriented products containing over 130 natural and organic active ingredients that can be used on the feet and as well as the body.  From Evolve: the Tahitian Black Sand & Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to the Chocolate Soufflé Mask to Awaken: A Man’s Foot & Body Wash and so many luxe treatments in between, Pedicureans will have you relaxed, glowing, and feeling and looking younger in no time.

As a sustainable product line, 90% of ingredients used in the Pedicureans collection are purchased from areas such as West Africa, India, Mexico and Asia to name a few. These areas participate in Community Trade of which Pedicureans is a huge supporter. Community Trade allows local community members harvest the ingredients and sell them internationally, thus bringing money back into their communities.

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