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Carolyn Waters’ On the Verge

By Christine Walsh

music-carolyn3Carolyn Waters’ latest CD, On the Verge, showcases her great talent as both a singer and a songwriter. The CD is a must-listen and through her songs, Waters tells tales of hurt and healing, of sorrow and resilience ~ universal themes, beautifully presented.

Waters has loved music for as long as she can remember. In fact, she says she started singing around the same time she began speaking. But even as a young child, Waters was told by those closest to her that she had no talent. She’d hide from the critics behind the safety of a closed bedroom door, listening to music from all genres for hours each day, never getting enough.

It wasn’t until adulthood when the singer, now 45, bravely found her true voice with the help of her husband, some inspirational teachers, and an ever-growing crowd of people who both loved and encouraged her musical talents

On the Verge is a collection of original songs that explores numerous musical styles while consistently celebrating the blues, jazz, folk and root music that Waters holds deep in her heart. The CD was lovingly recorded in Boston and Nashville and includes stirring vocals and harmonies performed by guest artists including Pete and Maura Kennedy, Kate Campbell, and Joe Jencks.

The tracks of On the Verge each touch upon the intense range of human emotions. The song “If I Went Away,” is heavy and beautiful, with just Waters and a piano creating absolute magic. The lyrics make the listener ponder upon the grayer skies of life ~ the times when the rain has been falling steadily for days, testing the strength of the soul. It’s only when Waters’ voice rises up that we remember hope still exists.

Songs like “Blues Mix #52” pick you up and treat you right with a rich mix of instruments and Waters’ vocals ringing clear and true. It’s a perfect choice for easing into a weekend night and reminds you that every day holds promise and joy.

When Waters, who lives in Auburn, is not performing at festivals, coffeehouses and galas, she dedicates herself to the charities she loves. Her EP Awakenings was produced to benefit the Network for Women’s Lives, a Domestic Abuse Network operating within Middlesex County, MA. And her most recent project is an original song entitled “A Family Christmas,” which is featured on the CD Our Finest Gifts – Happy Holidays from the Greater Boston Music Scene. The proceeds of the CD will benefit SmallCanBeBig.org.

On the Verge is a beautiful musical collection from a woman with an obviously beautiful soul.

For more information on Carolyn Waters, go to www.carolynwatersmusic.com

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