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Caregiving Now: Simple Helpers

Solve food waste
You definitely don’t want your elderly parent eating food that has gone by. Developers of the EatBy App have incorporated artificial intelligence into their kitchen management and grocery list app to reduce domestic food waste. The latest release of the EatBy App includes a new feature – it automatically suggests how long fruits, vegetables and frozen items will stay fresh and then reminds you to use them up before they go bad. So, your parent never has to wonder if that food is still edible again.

Help with cancer-related hair loss
For many women battling cancer, one of the hardest aspects of their diagnosis is the sense of losing oneself because of the hair loss associated with chemotherapy. The emotional toll associated with treatment-related hair loss can also negatively affect a patient’s recovery. Cancer hair loss and wig expert, author and Emmy-nominated actress Amy Gibson shares practical and expert tips for women with treatment- related hair loss in her new book Sex, Wigs and Whispers. Gibson has suffered with hair loss from alopecia since the age of 13. She has also recently created an entire cancer hair care section for the prestigious CancerConnect. com, the first and only resource of its kind.

Save kitchen space
As elderly parents move into smaller homes – with smaller kitchens – saving space becomes a priority. Silicone Collapsible Kitchenware are convenient, compact and durable silicone kitchen products that can be stored efficiently and easily transported. Check out the collapsible measuring cups, strainer and oven mitts.

Save on health care
When it comes to health care and costs that cause consumers challenges and hardships, prescription drug costs are near the top of the list. Blink Health is a newly launched, free mobile app and website that provides everyone with low prices on prescription medication – a savings of up to 95 percent on more than 15,000 medications. There are no membership fees and no monthly premiums. Just pay for the medications needed.

Treat it at home
Save on health care costs for minor injuries with Pains and Strains. Pains and Strains is the first company to offer physician-level therapies and instruction at a retail-level price. From a sprained ankle to tennis elbow, the innovative injury-specific care kits are speeding up recovery times and lowering health care costs. There are care kits to help treat ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, knee osteoarthritis, tennis elbow and meniscus injury.

Ease aches and pains
Created by a Chicago chiropractor and her husband, the Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia is a revolutionary, self-care treatment system that is clinically proven to alleviate back and neck pain and other bodily ailments such as nausea, headaches and more, while improving posture and alignment by just using it 20 minutes a day.

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