Caregiving Now: Products you’ll use every day

Keep glasses clean
When you get a new pair of glasses, they are crisp, clean and scratch free, but sooner or later, they are going to get dirty or smudged. When your glasses are always dirty, it can be tempting to grab the closest thing and start rubbing, but don’t -— you could scratch your lenses. Instead, try Peeps by CarbonKlean. Designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses of oily fingerprint smudges, dust and facial oils.
Find your keys
Always losing your keys? The KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location combines the functionality of KeySmart with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to track your keys from your phone using the free Tile app. You can locate your missing KeySmart Pro on a map and make it play a tune so you can find your keys faster. Also, if it’s your phone that goes missing, just hit a button on the KeySmart Pro and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent.
Clean up quick
Accidents happen, but you can make clean up quick. The Mess Up Tray’s compact design makes it easy to handle any kind of mess! From spilled rice and splattered jam to broken glass, the Mess Up Tray works on both wet and dry messes. Just squeegee, rinse and store! The Mess Up Tray is made up of two pieces: a compact tray that fits in one hand and a deluxe rubber-handled squeegee that fits comfortably in the other hand. When you’re done, store the squeegee in the tray, so they’re always together and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Protect your loved one’s identity
Identity theft can be a scary, annoying and time-consuming problem to resolve. This problem can be easily solved with the Guard Your ID Stamp! Simply stamp on the printed information you want to conceal. The stamp pattern effectively masks the letters where applied, concealing and protecting that information from others. Stamping provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to using a paper shredder because stamped documents are easy to recycle.
Use your tablet
Dock Minimal is a colorful tablet dock/stand, and, with more than 20 different viewing angles, it offers users new ways to use their tablets. Typing emails? Lie the Dock Minimal down and position the tablet on the dock for an optimal typing position. The new stand and dock offers unlimited possibilities for tablet use while providing power and syncing capabilities at the same time. This can be a game changer for individuals who have difficulty holding a tablet.
Keep your back healthy
Protect your back, even when you’ve got to carry a day’s worth of essentials. The perfect way to stay organized, The Healthy Back Bag can keep your spine safe from stress. The Healthy Back Bag is designed in a teardrop shape, allowing the bag to contour to the shape of your spine to relieve weight and stress from your back, neck and shoulders. It also comes equipped with cleverly designed pockets to organize your belongings, including ID cards, credit cards and keys.
Keep it clean
Have you ever watched someone in the grocery store touch produce they never purchase? Who knows if they have a cold or flu, which could be very dangerous for older people. Probiotics are the next great discovery — proven to get things clean, right down to the level of microscopic biofilm. P2 Probiotic Power is the only line of products that contains external probiotics, useful in every day scenarios, including cleaning out water bottles, giving your toothbrush a good deep cleaning, getting the stink out of garbage cans, cleaning dentures and, yes, cleaning produce.

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