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The website and the Eldercare Financial Resource Locator Tool were created and are maintained by the American Elder Care Research Organization. The organization’s mission is to assist individuals in the planning and implementing of long-term senior care. The website is designed to help families and caregivers locate information about long-term care resources for their loved ones, and to find the public and private programs available to assist in covering the cost of such care across the country.  On the site, you’ll find categories and subcategories including:

Find Financial Assistance for Elder Care

What financial aid exists for home care, assisted living and long term care?

What are the eligibility requirements and benefits of public assistance programs?

What are the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, senior care loans and life settlements?

Understand and Lower Long Term Care Costs

How much does home care, assisted living and long term care cost?

In what states are elder care, senior living and nursing home care less expensive?

How you can save money on senior care with respite, tax deductions and other tips.

Find Affordable Home Care and Assisted Living

Locate lower cost care providers that offer high quality care.
Find home care, senior living, Alzheimer’s and nursing home care.

Search for providers that accept Medicaid.

Understand Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans’ Benefits

What does Medicare pay for long term care?

What are state Medicaid eligibility rules and waivers?

What is Aid & Attendance, CHAMPVA, TRICARE, PACE and Cash and Counseling?

Find Benefits Counseling and Eldercare Financial Advisors

Find benefits counselors from local area agencies on aging
Locate geriatric care managers, eldercare financial advisors and Medicaid planners.

Learn about the pros and cons of Medicaid planning.

The American Elder Care Research Organization was established in 2007 as a result of the founders’ personal experience navigating the maze of program eligibility requirements, and eventually assembling the myriad pieces of the puzzle to create a suitable financial plan for a loved one. Carol Guerrero, an attorney specializing in estate planning and other legal issues of seniors, and Alex Guerrero, a website developer, drew from the expertise of other immediate family members (in medicine, law and research) combining their experience and skills to create the website. Since the website was launched in 2008, it has helped thousands of families to find the care required for their loved ones to age with comfort and dignity, and to assist their families in finding the financial resources to make it possible.
is the first of several websites the American Elder Care Research Organization is creating to help families plan for the costs associated with aging. In 2012, the organization will launch a second site,, which will focus on helping families understand their options for covering the costs of prescriptions and consider possible ways to reduce expenditures for medications and medical supplies.

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parentcare-remember-whenHere are some great “Remember Whens” that might be fun to help keep your senior’s mind active and sense of humor going strong…and who knows what kind of memories and conversations they’ll lead to!

Do you remember when…

• You knew who was driving by your house from the sound the car made?

• You could walk to the grocery store and rattle off a list of items and the store keeper would fetch each one and place it on the counter in from of you. When all was gathered, all you had to do was say, “Charge it?”
• You paid your bill at the grocery store every Friday and upon doing so the storekeeper gave you a sack of candy?

• The store sold kerosene ~ or “coal oil” ~ which was needed for the stove on the back porch and which was used only used for cooking during the summer?

• You could tell by the smell, even if blind-folded, which neighbor’s house you were in ~ and you can remember those smells ~ good or bad ~ to this day?

• Milk was delivered to your front stoop in a horse-drawn wagon and the cream came to the top of the bottle and was carefully poured off to use for special things…In winter the milk would freeze and push the paper cap up off the bottle, and the cream would be almost like ice cream?

• Girls wore black cotton stockings and black pantaloons for gym class?

• Boys wore corduroys or knickers because, although there were jeans (called denims), boys weren’t allowed to wear them to school because they had copper rivets reinforcing the pocket seams and those rivets scratched the finish on the desk seats?

• Doors to homes were seldom locked?

• Seeing a movie at the theatre cost 10 cents and on Saturday you also got a free plate or some such goody?

• Movies were where we got the latest breaking news with Pathe News releases. And there were serials on Saturdays that always stopped at a harrowing point (very frequently a literal “cliffhanger”) so that you absolutely HAD to go back the following week?

• We didn’t realize we were the so-called “poor” because everyone was just like us?

• You knew all your neighbors?

• Your mother canned as many vegetables and fruits as she could to last out the winter months?

• There was no air conditioning in your house but you didn’t know you were hot even though you slept in a pool of sweat?

• At school you were expected to pay attention and learn even though there was no air conditioning there, either? And you did as expected?

• Many jobs called for 10 hours days, 6 days a week?

• If  you had measles, scarlet fever, mumps etc. the Health Inspector would put a large red sign on your front door saying, in huge letters, “QUARANTINED?”

• Doctors made house calls carrying a little black bag that contained everything that was available to them to heal you?

• Street lamps were gas and lit at dusk by a lamplighter who returned at dawn to put the light out.

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