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Caldrea: Aromatherapeutic, green homekeeping


By Elise French

Caldrea was founded on a simple and powerful idea ~ that caring for the home should be a beautiful experience. Beauty is so much more than skin deep. It is a vital force that fuses elegance, sophistication and natural goodness. It has a luxurious and approachable ease that we crave in our daily lives. It inspires a steady and authentic commitment to changing our world for the better. Every day, Caldrea aims to provide the most gratifying and thoroughly addictive home care line available. The company is passionate about choosing the most potent and responsible ingredients that are incredibly effective, yet safe and gentle for our homes and our loved ones.

Every Caldrea product does what it sets out to do ~ make the daily tasks of caring for ourselves easier, more satisfying and safe. Made to exacting standards, the products are ideal for anyone concerned about the impact of conventional cleansers on the environment or simply for anyone who prefers products without compromise ~ in scent, performance, aesthetics or touch.  Caldrea never use parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine, bleach phosphates or petroleum distillates. All products are produced at a cosmetic grade standard (cGMP) facility, are never tested on animals and are biodegradable. As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Caldrea only sources sustainable palm oil and is Leaping Bunny certified.

In the art of perfumery, the nose acts as our artist, scientist, choreographer, sommelier and matchmaker. Blending the finest aromatic notes into a truly multi-faceted fragrance is a feat alone. To do so with the volatility of true essential oils and plant-based ingredients is remarkable. To do so with an eye to efficacy and the pleasures of the body and the home requires patience, know-how and intuition.

This is the alchemy that makes Caldrea unique and your home memorable. Caldrea uses a combination of natural essential oils from flowers and herbs with safe ingredients. I tried Caldrea and immediately threw out my “non-green” equivalents.

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