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Brittany Abraham of bodyMatrix

Helping You Get in Shape at Any Age

By Kim Dunbar

Working out is about to get a lot more personal.  And that’s just the way Brittany Abraham likes it.
“You’re not going to find anyone more invested in your well being than me,” she said.

Abraham opened bodyMATRIX on Water Street in February. But it’s not just another gym ~ it’s a new way for clients of all ages to work out..

“Our bodies are made to move,” said Abraham, who is a firm believer in the concept of functional training ~ training the body to be efficient at motions that occur in the “real world” (for example, a grandmother lifting her grandson out of his car safety seat) rather than motions one learns through fitness models.

“Like the name suggests, the body is made up of a bunch of pieces and when they come together and you target the body as a whole, you really see a difference,” she said.

According to Abraham, bodyMATRIX is about doing something positive for one’s body.  By challenging the body, an individual gains not only physical strength but also self-confidence.  Abraham doesn’t accept the “I can’t” excuse (the gym’s motto is “No excuses, No limits”) and believes all people ~ young and older alike ~ are capable of being active.  Her father is her best example: he lost 50 pounds despite having two herniated discs in his back.

“It’s all about finding someone to help you do it the right way,” she said.

Abraham would like to be that person. “I want to make a difference for people who are lost and help them find their way back to a fitness regimen,” she said.

Abraham, who has two degrees and multiple certifications, personally designed each of the classes with all types of clients in mind ~beginner or tri-athlete, 18 or 80. The workouts are all about the client’s needs.

In addition to classes, bodyMATRIX also offers one-on-one training and nutrition classes.
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