Vol. 16

Bringing Vinyl into the 21st Century and Keeping the Sound Pure

By Steve Henricksen

lifestyle-tech-recordingThe AT-LP60-USB LP-to-Digital Recording System

Do you or your dad own a great collection of LPs and 45s ~ and wish you could listen to them again? Or do you have a grandchild about to graduate who wants to discover the fun factor and nostalgic, inviting sound of vinyl?

The AT-LP60-USB LP-to-digital recording system is the answer, and makes it easy to listen to records on a stereo or home entertainment system – or transfer favorite records to digital media files for listening on a portable music player, car audio system, laptop and more.

The LP-to-Digital System really is the best of both worlds, respecting older technology formats while bringing them into the 21st century.

The AT-LP60-USB is a complete turntable and software package that includes a fully automatic turntable and phono cartridge, PC- and Macintosh®-compatible software (which is very easy to use ~ no need to be a software expert, just follow the relatively self-explanatory steps/prompts and you can go wrong), a USB cable that connects the turntable directly to a computer, and other accessories.

The AT-LP60-USB plays 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records and is designed to deliver high-fidelity sound, with a balanced aluminum platter and precision Dual Magnet TM stereo cartridge with replaceable stylus. The supplied USB cable enables easy plug-and-play connection to a computer, while the built-in switchable phono preamp allows connection to stereo systems, A/V receivers and powered speakers.

The included Audacity® software [easily!] converts the audio on records to digital files, for playback on portable audio players and other devices. The software also includes audio editing features including equalization and click/noise removal ~ so for those of you who enjoy “fiddling around” with your electronics, you’ll definitely have some fun with the options.

Now that you’ve transferred your music, you want to hear it clearly, without the distraction of extraneous noise, right?

ATH-ANC27 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

The ATH-ANC27 QuietPoint active noise-canceling over-ear headphones combine exceptional sound quality with advanced noise reduction technology that blocks out 85% of environmental noise. The noise reduction works when listening to music or it can be activated on its own, making the ATH-ANC27 ideal for grandchildren who’ll need quiet time when studying at college and for adults who want to relax and listen to music or audio books without the noisy distractions of the outside world.

The ATH-ANC27 delivers immersive sound quality with powerful bass, a natural midrange, detailed treble and precise imaging. It has a locking detachable cord, and its audio functions even if its battery runs down, ensuring listeners will never be without their music.

The ATH-ANC27 features cushioned ear pads and a padded adjustable headband for total comfort. It’s ideal for use with portable music and DVD players, in-flight entertainment systems, laptop and desktop computers and many other devices, and is compatible with the Apple® iPod®, iPhone TM and iPod touch®.

In addition to its detachable 3.9-foot cord, the ATH-ANC27 comes with a hard-shell travel case, 1/4-inch plug adapter, airline adapter and an AAA battery.

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