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Bringing Vintage Back

Michelle’s Revived Relics/Regina’s Fabulous Finds

By Victoria Hidalgo

L-R: Regina & Michelle

L-R: Regina & Michelle

Any homeowner or antique enthusiast should look no further than West Boylston’s recently opened vintage store ~ Michelle’s Revived Relics/Regina’s Fabulous Finds ~ for home décor and much more. Michelle Shindle and Regina Stillings’ aim is refreshingly ambitious: “We are the ultimate recycling business, if you think about it! There’s so much more pleasure knowing that you are keeping a piece of furniture or clothing alive. . . People will walk in and say, ‘My mother had this,’ and it takes them back to a nostalgic time.”

Having dabbled with vintage resale, Michelle and Regina were just waiting for an opportunity. As Stillings says, “. . . Michelle and I knew in our hearts that this was something we really would love to do as a career.” And so when they found themselves without a day job anymore, a lifelong dream became a reality.

And Michelle’s Revived Relics/Regina’s Fabulous Finds is definitely a delightful reality. Looking for a collectible item? You can find elegant, inexpensive antique items from green glassware to violet vases ~ made even more appealing by the store’s charming, easy atmosphere.

Looking for some larger pieces? The ladies also stock select vintage sofas, country tables, and more.

And once (or maybe even before!) you’ve taken care of dressing up your home, dress up…yourself! Browse a wide variety of clothing and jewelry and look one-of-a-kind with a one-of-a-kind necklace or dress, shawl or blouse.

What about Stillings’ decorating advice? “We love taking things and using them in a way other than their original purpose. That vintage chamber pot becomes an adorable planter!”

Any final words for Vitality readers? “You are bound to find something that speaks to you here. We sell furniture, lamps, wall art, linens, jewelry, custom window treatments, and fabric by the yard. Come take a step back in time and say hello!”

Michelle’s Revived Relics/Regina’s Fabulous Finds
543 Prospect Street
West Boylston, MA 01583

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