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Bohemiarts Redefines Entertaining with Sophisticated and Stylish Celebration Glassware

By Lynn N. Capri

Bohemiarts is home to stunning hand-blown goblets which are sure to dazzle and hypnotize your guests at any party or get-together, and add color and a touch of elegance when displayed in your dining room.

The company’s Glass Art Celebration Glasses are handcrafted and mouth blown, representing the most authentic Bohemian Glass Art in the world.  Each glass is truly unique due to the intricate and authentic process created a century ago called “a la vitrage.” It allows for every glass to be made to consistent standards of quality and beauty. Because they are hand-crafted, each will vary slightly in size, shape, and color pattern, making every glass a one-of-a-kind addition to the table and an heirloom that will bring years of cheers.

Considered functional art, Bohemiarts’ martini glasses, wine goblets, and trumpet stemmed water goblets are a sophisticated way to tie together a room’s theme. Whether displayed on a shelf or dressing the table, they serve as an exquisite addition to any occasion.

The glasswear is not only designed to be beautiful, but also made to be functional. It is sturdy enough to withstand social gatherings and have a substantial weight that feels good in the hand. Be creative with how you enjoy them! Turn an everyday bowl of ice cream into a indulgent event by eating out of a brightly colored martini glass, or spice up a beer by imbibing from a sparkling water goblet. When you’re not using them to hold drinks, display them somewhere where the sun can make their beautiful colors sparkle.

Give a beautiful and unforgettable gift of Bohemian glass all wrapped up in one of their Luxury Gift Boxes. The boxes complement the chic style of the glassware without being over-the-top, and provide extra padding against those who like to shake their presents. Each box fits two wine goblets or martini glasses and sets the perfect mood as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary present.

Bohemian Glassware is what’s hot in retail for 2010 according to the New York Times Home Section. These timeless glasses can be found in select retailers across the nation, and are now being sold through Neiman Marcus online (

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