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Bob O’Connor’s Jocks and Jills ~ A [Sports] Collector’s Dream

By Bruce Elliot

celtics-autographer-cigar-printConfession time ~ After years of happy marriage to a wonderful woman, I am ready to admit that I’m in love with someone else. This home-wrecker’s name is … Tom Brady. It turns out that I’m not alone. More than 98% of men suffer from some form of sports related man-crush. Ladies, fear not (and gentlemen, fear not if your lady is the sports-obsessed member of the household). Thanks to retired Air Force Reservist and longtime Worcester educator Bob O’Connor, help for this affliction is closer than you think. (No, not Foxboro) It’s called Jocks and Jills, and it’s located right here in Worcester.

Jocks and Jills is a one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment collectable store which specializes in satisfying the sports addict/enthusiast/collector’s insatiable appetite for the game ~ or rather, for many games.  Does your man get that certain twinkle in his eye every time images of Bruins greats Tim Thomas or Zdeno Chara flash across the screen? Jocks and Jills can help.  Did you record “Larry Bird, a Basketball Legend” over your 30th wedding anniversary video?  Bob O’Connor has what you need.

bruins-banerJ and J owner Bob O’Connor has created a New England sports fan’s dream store, carrying vintage and current sports memorabilia, jewelry, and apparel. J and J also sells sports and entertainment prints and lithographs by acclaimed artists like Neil Portnoy and Armand Lamontagne. But collecting sports memorabilia is nothing new for this former Worcester State Basketball stand-out. As a youth, O’Connor accumulated “…tens of thousands of baseball cards (including at least 15 rookie Mickey Mantles)…from 1952 – 1966.  While I was serving in Germany, my mother, who, I love dearly, threw them in the incinerator.”

Jocks and Jills gives O’Conner a second chance to collect and share. What are Bob’s favorites? “We have a 2004 Red Sox Champs limited edition embellished Giclee on canvas by the famous sports artist Opie Otterstad. It reminds me of my nephew Tommy, an avid sports fan who died of Leukemia at 29 years old in November of 2004. We also have a unique 1975 Game 6 print as a lithograph and canvas. These have the certified autographs from the Game 6 heroes ~ Bernie Carbo, Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton Fisk, Dwight Evans, Fred Lynn, and Carlton Fisk.”

Looking for a Ted Williams autographed litho or Micky Ward’s boxing gloves? Jocks and Jills has those too. And if J and J doesn’t have it, chances are Bob can get it or produce it. “We have the ability to work with artists and create unique pieces.”disney-cinderella

Just three months after its grand opening, O’Connor has put together a modern, spacious showroom featuring museum quality collectables, and ~ although sports are the focus ~ it’s not just for the sports-freak. Lithographs of Elvis, Marilyn, and JFK, signed drum heads by Pink Floyd, and even a complete line of Disney framed lithographs are all in stock. Whether you’re outfitting the perfect man-cave or simply looking for a unique gift, this collectables showroom has what you need.

Ladies, your husbands’ love for Tom Brady or Bobby Orr is completely natural. So stop fighting it, and simply visit Bob at Jocks and Jills Collectables, 114 Shrewsbury St. in Worcester ~ or browse and shop the J and J inventory today at

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