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Before winter gets worse, get ready

HomeMaintenancecopyIt’s official ~ winter is here. If you haven’t prepared your home for winter, there are a few things it’s not too late to do. Hometalk ~ the largest home and garden social network on the web ~ has put together some practical and cost-effective tips to protect your home (and your budget) from expensive and unnecessary damage control down the line.

Winterize Your Windows
Windows are a huge heat-sucker in cooler months and can greatly increase your energy bills. Put up heavier curtains or line your current ones with blackout curtains to add layers and keep your house insulated.

The Great Chimney Sweep
Creosote builds up inside your chimney as a result of burning wood, and it’s incredibly flammable ~ all on top of any fallen leaves and creepy crawlers that might have accumulated over the summer. Stay safe and ensure energy efficiency by cleaning out your chimney.

Get Rid of Gutter Clutter
Heavy rain/snow plus fallen leaves equals collapsing gutters. Cleaning them out could prevent a catastrophic crash. If you have the proper equipment, protection and know-how, get the job done yourself; otherwise, call a professional.

Defeat the Draft
Feel around door frames and window sills to detect where warm air is escaping and the outdoor chill is coming in. Seal any leaks with caulk or weather stripping to maintain your home’s insulation.

Protect Your Pipes
Burst pipes are a wintertime nightmare that you definitely don’t want. Save yourself from that messy misery by simply insulating your pipes with foam ~ or even cut pool noodles!

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