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Flattering Choices for Hair and Make-up

By Linnea Sheldon

Linda Dagnello
Model: Cheryl Leonhardt
Hair and photos by Mark Conlon
Makeup by Jessica Mansfield


There are specific concerns and considerations for our hair, ­­skin, and make-up as we age. We know that regular trims help keep split ends at bay, moisturizer and sun-block keep our skin looking great, and subtle, flattering make-up that works with our complexion is the best ~ but in addition to all this “general maintenance,” there are plenty of other ways to give our appearance an extra boost.

Mark Conlon of 126 Post Salon and Spa suggests adding a deep conditioner to your usual hair care regimen about once every two weeks. “It will help keep hair soft and healthy, and helps soften grays as well as permed and color-treated hair,” he explains.
Mark also highly recommends salon products such as Redken, which are color safe and designed for your specific hair needs. There are also salon lines that have products specifically for gray and white hair. “Color safe shampoo and conditioning becomes particularly important as we get older,” he said. “Our color tends to get lighter because our pigmentation naturally fades.”

As far as choosing a hair style, many people tend to want to go shorter once ponytails no longer seem appropriate. These folks have it right, according to Mark, because shorter hair does tend to have an uplifting effect on how our facial features appear. That’s not to say, though, that shorter is better for everyone; client/stylist consultation is the most important, so once you find a stylist you can trust, discuss what you are looking to do and why. Your styling professional should be able to give you some options that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

In terms of color, Mark generally suggests going lighter and brighter. “50 is the new 30,” he said. “So if you’re stuck in the 50s mindset it’s time to shake that.” Remember that gone are the days when there was one shade of blonde ~ bleached and unflattering! ~ and one shade of “dark” ~ that horrid shoe-polish black that screamed “Dye job!” from a mile away. Color technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, so subtle colors, highlights and lowlights, and new applications save us from the stark looks of yesteryear. With the new “You are only as old as you feel” mentality, too, no longer are harsh, sprayed hairstyles the norm.

Various make-up

Various make-up


Our skin puts up with quite a bit over the years, so proper cleansing, toning, an­d moisturizing becomes even more important. Not smoking, avoiding the sun, and following a healthy diet and exercise program will also keep your skin healthy and fresh. Jessica Mansfield, a cosmetologist and make-up artist at 126 Post Spa and Salon, also stresses the importance of using good products and taking all your make-up off before bed.

Jessica also advises that ~ as is true with hair color ~ less is more as far as make-up goes. “This is true for any age, but it is particularly important as we age,” she said. However, if you do want a little extra color, she suggests drawing attention to the lips. “Nothing too dark, but don’t be afraid to use color to play them up,” she said. And although Jessica is not a fan of eyeshadow, she does mention that applying a bit of smoky pencil to the very outer area of the eye can really open up the eye area while remaining subtle.
She endorses MAC products, formulated for all age groups, and recommends mineral make-ups (which usually contain a sun block) as well as a tinted moisturizer for older skin. “It depends on your skin tone and what you are wearing, but things that feel lighter are usually better for helping our healthy skin shine through,” she explained.
The color appropriate for cheeks will depend on the colors on the eyes and the lips. Jessica recommends getting a palette of blush and bronzer colors and then playing around with them to see what looks good in the context of the rest of the face. As for eyebrows, rule of thumb should always be to avoid the pencils that often look too heavy, dark, and fake. “As always, softer is better,” she said. “I recommend a powder or a shadow so you can start soft and build up.”

If there’s anything to remember, it’s that less is more, softer is better, and starting light is the way to go.

126 Post Salon Spa
126 June St., Worcester,
(508) 459-7000

Redken Hair Products:

MAC Cosmetics:

And to Keep Skin Looking its Youngest and Healthiest…
By Jennie Fitzgerald

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