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Beauty routines you shouldn’t skip

BEAUTYSkinRoutinesYou know to lighten up on moisturizer in the summer and go heavier in the winter, but there are some other beauty routines you shouldn’t skip, not even when the temperatures drop.

  • Don’t skimp on sunscreen. Don’t be fooled by lower temperatures, overcast skies or rainy days. UV rays are just as strong when hitting the slopes as they are on the beach. “The easiest way to prevent sun damage and protect your skin is to apply an SPF of at least 30 every day ~ not to mention, look younger. Reapplying every two hours if in the sun is critical, as well” said Dr. Nussbaum, dermatologist and brand spokesperson for Sebamed.
  • Use hair masks regularly. Do you color your hair, straighten it a few times a week or use a lot of hair spray? Adding chemicals, applying heat or using products are habits that we all find hard to kick and can come with some unwanted side effects. Anna Urban, CEO of Aviva, said, “You should be applying a hair mask like Aviva’s Hair Rescue Renewal Masque one to two times per week to repair damage and restore elasticity while protecting from the drying effects of UV rays.”
  • Wax even through winter. Let’s face it, as the temperatures drop, we are inevitably becoming a little bit lazier with our normal waxing routine. Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers, said that “maintaining regular waxes year round will benefit you in the long run because waxing weakens the hair follicle, causing hair to grow back slower, lighter and thinner over time. Dry, winter hair is more likely to break when waxing, causing it to grow back faster and thicker, so you want to keep skin hydrated and healthy (i.e., drink lots of water and exfoliate regularly.)”
  • Whiten between visits. To keep teeth pearly white, Dr. Smigel, father of aesthetic dentistry, recommends his patients maintain their white smiles between visits using an at-home whitening system like the Supersmile Professional Whitening System.

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