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Beat the Tired Look with Frownies!

By Erin Hansen

Frownies products

Frownies products

Bags, dark circles, dry under eyes cause you to look years older. Frownies Under Eye Gel Patches should be used once a week to enhance the under eye area and keep skin amazingly beautiful. You can even use them in the tanning bed to hydrate while you tan with the protection on aloe on the skin. Sugary holiday desserts and alcoholic drinks can often result in tired-looking eyes and skin. Keep skin drenched with Immune Perfect and build your beauty. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can also cause stress. Stop stress lines between the eyes and on the forehead with Frownies; reduce wrinkles while you sleep.

Frownies (FBE) are the fountain of youth.

Price: $30.00

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