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Be Anything but Ordinary with RedEnvelope

By Kristie Bartlettge_11_gen_gd400472_w1_rc

From jewelry and wall art to beer brewing kits and leather satchels, RedEnvelope has an eclectic selection of unique, innovative products for all, but my latest favorite must-have is their Gadget Car Charger! It’s a cleverly designed power inverter, shaped to fit conveniently into your car’s cup holder.

RedEnvelope specializes in novel products that not only make life easier and more fun, but do it with style and a wink ~ and what more stylish, funky way to make sure those everyday essentials like cell phones, GPS devices, and iPads, etc. are fully charged. This cleverly camouflaged power inverter fits into most cup holders and can power three devices at once, so it’s a must for the commuter, road-tripper, or family “chauffer.”

To learn more about all of RedEnvelope’s products (think holiday gifts!) and to order your Gadget Car Charger, please visit

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