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Barbara Singer’s Living Without Reservations

How to Have Your Own “Eat Pray Love” Experience

By Erin Hansen

books-living-without-reser-copyI quit my life ~ or perhaps I should say life quit me.  I knew there had to be more to life than waiting for retirement and living in a world where enough is never enough. I dreamed of a life that was so much more.  The more successful I became, both financially and in my career of commission sales, the more weighted down I felt. The treadmill just kept getting faster and faster.  The more I accumulated, the less I wanted it.  I wanted freedom, travel and adventure.

I did not intend to be a vagabond when I first struck out on the road trip with my 70 year old dad.  I just wanted to get out of town and spend time in nature.  It was his dream to go to Alaska and I was happy to go.  I was so devastated by my losses (empty nest, loss of business partner and sudden death of my fiancé) that I would have gone just about anywhere!  After six weeks on the road meeting people living extraordinary lives, I could not go back to my office without a window ever again.

Once you make the decision, your view of the world changes. From then on you think, “I am moving.  I am mobile and travel light. I need nothing. Everything is negotiable. I choose to spend my time differently. I choose to spend money differently. I choose to live my life differently.” Choose what is best for you, not what others think is best for you.

Would you rather have a plane ticket or a mortgage?
Would you rather have freedom or a paycheck?
Would you rather have a backpack or walk-in closet?
Would you rather have a passport filled with stamps or a bank book filled with money?
Would you rather live your dream watch it on reality TV?

After hearing my story, the number one question everyone asks is, “How did you do it…really?”  In Living Without Reservations, I offer some basic tips on how to quit your life, become mobile and live anywhere in the world you choose on a budget.  Hit the road. Don’t over plan, just go!  Decide to meet new people living incredible lifestyles. You will blow your mind and eyes wide open.

For details, go to www.LivingWithoutReservations.com. Living Without Reservations is available on-line, in book stores, and through Ebook.

About the Author

Barbara Singer grew up in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Penn State University, she moved to Orlando, Florida. She has one grown daughter. She is a three time marathon finisher and two time Ironman tri-athlete. Her greatest passion is inspiring others to wake up and start living. Barbara is currently spending the summer in Tuscany living on a winery, and is still happily homeless!

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