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“It’s What’s Underneath That Matters”

By Helen Trent

From business women to stay-at-home women to women who have the luxury of traveling often, autrepeau (literally, “another skin”) is saving them all from uncomfortable clothing one whisper thin garment at a time.

What started as a solution to scratchy suits, sticky silks, and uncomfortable business wear has turned into a useful fashion staple for women of all walks of life. Autrepeau specializes in undershirts and pant liners that form a skin tight barrier against scratchy wools and other fabrics.   style-autrepeau-copy

Working in the business world means dressing for success, not suffering for fashion. While the business place is definitely a place to exhibit some style, there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort. With autrepeau, women everywhere can look like a million bucks without being distracted by clothing that itches, irritates, or is just generally annoying against the skin.

No matter the shirt type, autrepeau has an undershirt to match the cut. Choose from v-necks, scoop necks, and turtlenecks in long and short sleeve. The extra soft material is made from a unique blend of 23% spandex and 77% nylon, which provides a layer of protection without being bulky and making clothing extra tight.

The pant liner is just the thing to stop itchy tags or prominent seams from digging into skin. Ditch constricting tights for pant liners made from autrepeau’s signature fabrics. They provide a world of lightweight comfort that also smoothes out bulges and embarrassing panty lines.

All autrepeau products are form fitting and meant to be worn under normal clothes. However, these are not shaper products ~ just convenient and comfortable staples for a woman’s wardrobe. Also, during these cold months, autrepeau undershirts and pant liners can add an extra layer of warmth without the bulk of thermals.

Wearing autrepeau means taking fewer trips to the dry cleaners ~ and that saves money.  The undershirt works as a barrier between skin and fabric and helps prolong the life of your clothes.  Your shirts stay fresh longer!

Because autrepeau garments are so thin, they take up almost no room in a drawer or suitcase ~ but even though they can pack away to almost nothing, the comfort they provide is tremendous!

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Pictured: Autrepeau short neck turtleneck top.

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