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Author chronicles his adventures on a remote island

booksaquishbeachGurnet Saquish, Mass., is a private community, open only to residents, renters and invited guests. This intimate community is where author Connie Matuzek built his home and hilarious, memorable relationships.

Matuzek’s first book Forty Years at Saquish Beach is comprised of true stories from his life on a remote beach with his wife and their two daughters.

“My 40 years of adventures and experiences at Saquish Beach is a story that many people will relate to and enjoy,” Matuzek said.

Saquish Beach is located on an isolated peninsula, 30 miles southeast of Boston and is known for its close community and saltwater fishing. It has no town roads or services. Commercial electricity and land line telephone service were not available during Matuzek’s time on the island.

Connie Matuzek and his wife, Ann, have two daughters, Kathi and Lorri. Matuzek graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in electrical engineering but spent his professional career in marketing and sales.

During World War II, Matuzek’s father was conscripted by the government to work as a private contractor. His last assignment was at Camp Edwards on Cape Cod. While there, the family rented a cottage near the ocean. As a young boy, the author spent two summers living in the cottage with his family. He fell in love with the ocean and dreamed of one day owning a cottage on the beach.

Ann also loved the ocean, so when the couple had a chance to buy land and build a cottage at Saquish Beach, it was an opportunity they could not pass up, thinking it be a wonderful place to raise their two young daughters.

Matuzek took his his island experiences, including raising children, building a house without any power tools, saltwater fishing, living with the wildlife and forming friendships, and turned them into comical stories to which anyone can relate.

“There are stories about specific instances that took place; a couple were life-threatening, most are positive, and a few are absolutely hilarious,” Matuzek said.

For more information, visit fortyyearsatsaquishbeach.com.

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