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Author believes in a life without limits

World Kickboxing Champion, member of Israeli Undercover Police and cycling champion, Leah Goldstein is now taking readers on the ride of “her life.”

No Limits, Goldstein’s first book, plays out her lifetime: She was born in Canada and raised in Israel. Growing up with an active physical spirit and a devotion to training and competing, Goldstein landed quickly at the top in tae kwan do in her youth and stepped into the ring to become a kickboxing champion as a teen/young adult. She went on to pursue serving in the military in Israel on the Undercover Police Force.

Goldstein’s love of sports, including cycling, started when she rode to and from school, but it flourished further when she was in Israel. She competed for nine years in cycling championships in Israel and Canada, rising to the top with much hard work and determination.

Goldstein then stepped into the boxing ring, going up against women a foot taller than her. She has raced against 80 mph winds in high-performance cycling races, been stung by a flying scorpion, broken bones multiple times, had Shermer’s Neck and still persevered to the finish line, breaking records. In 2011, Goldstein won the women’s solo category of Race Across America (RAAM), breaking the previous record by 12 hours.

“I’ve simply never stopped, and if that’s all people get out of my story, I’ll be satisfied. To move, do, explore and change instead of sitting, planning, worrying and drowning in apathy,” Goldstein wrote in her book. She believes a worthwhile life requires “movement – physically, mentally and spiritually – and our belief system and values need exercise, challenges and change.”

Leah Goldstein is also a motivational speaker with Lori Friend Moger (author to her book). For more information, visit nonfinishlineliving.com.

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