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Aroma Home Products

By Erin Hansen

Sweeten your home and embrace your inner child with Aroma Home products, fun and high quality gift products that bring well-being and mood enhancing elements to everyday life.

Leading aromatherapy home accessory company Aroma Home USA proudly presents its innovative new lineup of superior quality products. From Hot Body Wraps and Feet Warmers to Fuzzy Friends Slippers, Aroma Home products are thoughtful gifts (for friends, family, or even for yourself!) that enhance the senses and foster comfort and relaxation. There’s something for everyone ~ just visit JC Penny, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or and choose from:
For Body

The body comfort range has been developed to help soothe stiff necks, warm cold hands and feet, relieve aching joints and encourage restful sleep. AH products comfort the body from head to toe. All of the heatable products are made with 100% natural Cotswold wheat which has been infused with pure essential oils. When heated, the combination of warmth and fragrance will help soothe both body and mind.

Items: Eye Masks, Warm and Cozy Slippers, Sweet Dreams, hot Body Wraps, Fuzzy Friends Slippers

For Home
For the home, AH offers a selection of scented silks and fragranced printed cushions to fragrance and decorate your home or to purchase as the perfect silk gift for friends and family.

Items: For Home: Screen Wipes, Scented Silk Cushions, Wardrobe Fresheners, Drawer Fresheners

Soft Toys for the Grandkids (and You!)

hothugs_product_monkey_fro-copyHot Hugs are the furry addition to our Hot Range ~ a fun selection of animals which contain a removable microwaveable scented wheat pack in their tummies. Hot Hugs are suitable for children from 36 months (but even adults will love to have a warm cuddle!).

Items: Soft Toys: Hot Hugs, Warm Cuddles


Pictured: Eye Masks, Fuzzy Friends Slippers, Hot Hugs.

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