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Aprons by Mountain Mamas

By Lynn N. Capri

Being the chef really never looked and felt so good!  Spending hours in the kitchen preparing the perfect meal for (or with!)  those you love is a breeze with Mountain Mamas’ fashionable yet comfortable aprons that are made of canvas-type material. lifestyle-home-mountain-mamas2

Too busy with the final preparations of tonight’s dinner party to change outfits in between cooking and entertaining?  Tie on Mountain Mamas’ Bottoms Up Apron over your designer dress and save yourself the hassle of changing outfits right before guests arrive.  The apron will spark up so much conversation that you might want to keep it on!

Its light texture allows you to twist and bend with comfort.  Get in the gardening mood with the Spring Fling Apron and plant those beautiful red roses in honor of your newest granddaughter.

Starting at $21.00 dollars, Mountain Mamas’ aprons are affordable and suitable for any occasion, with a cut that compliments a woman’s shape.

Want to make a difference? When you purchase a MM’s apron, you will be.  At Mountain Mamas, giving is a crucial part of their business; 1-5% of their sales are donated to charities such as Live Strong, Make A Wish, Peace Corp, Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, and the M.S. Society.  “Products with Purpose” is their tag line, and their products provide exactly that ~ a true purpose.

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