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Announcing Greyhound & Poodle Product from Woodrow Wear

By Hillary Stone

20101007w_powerpaws02Finally, there’s a product that addresses the specific needs of “hare-footed” breeds such as Greyhounds and Poodles!! With a physically different foot than most dogs, “hare-footed” breeds have a long, narrow foot whereas most dogs have a foot that is about as long as it is wide.

Woodrow Wear is pleased to introduce the Power Paws Greyhound Edition. Like the original Power Paws product, the Greyhound Edition is suitable for indoor OR outdoor use. Indoors, it provides traction on slippery floors, makes it easier for senior and injured dogs to move around, protectspaws and hardwood from scratches, and keeps paws warm. Outdoors, Power Paws keep allergens away from dogs’ paws. In the winter, they also protect paws from snow, ice, and salt; in the summer, they protect from burns. The Greyhound Edition Power Paws fit most Greyhounds and Standard Poodles. Look for other sizes coming in the near future. Original Power Paws come in 8 sizes to ensure a fit for all dogs (Chihuahuas to Great Danes).


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