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Alexandra Miranda Bags, Clutches, and Jewelry Fashionable, Fabulous, and Animal-Friendly

By Kristie Barlett

Chic, colorful, free-spirited…just a few words that define the couture handbag, jewelry, and clothing company Alexandra Miranda.

It’s all about the details (and a little Latin flair) for Alexandra Miranda, who was born and raised in Paraguay, a place that has inspired both her bohemian-chic designs and lifestyle. Each handbag, piece of jewelry, and article of clothing is given an extra touch that sets it apart from the rest on the market. An Alexandra Miranda piece is never ordinary!

Take for example The Alexandra Bag ~ a spacious, stylish home for everything a girl needs on a day or night out. It’s made from tapestry fabric with croco PVC trim and features interior zip pockets and open pockets to keep everything in its place. Turn heads with a choice of vibrant red or croco with tiger print.

The St. Barts handbag is the perfect accessory whether you and the ladies are indulging in a night out or embarking on a shopping spree while on a Caribbean holiday. There are many trendy designs to choose from including zebra and tropical print.

In addition to beautifully crafted handbags, Alexandra Miranda has created a line of trendy Tribal Necklaces. Inspired by the color combinations and beauty of Marrakesh, each Tribal Necklace is meant to be worn as a stylish piece of art whether you prefer to wear it against the simple backdrop of a white blouse or are getting ready for a sophisticated evening out. She is able to take a simple crochet bead and transform it into an elegant piece. Having studied graphic design and had exhibits of her paintings in prestigious art galleries in NYC, Ale has the sensibilities of a true artist.

A vegetarian and animal lover herself, Ale insists that her handbags be made of non-leather materials. She also designs most of the prints used in the fabrics of her handbags; therefore, most of her products are limited edition. They are meticulously made by the best professionals in the industry based in Paraguay. The materials are hand selected from all over the world, some of which are crafted by professionals trained in Italy with Italian techniques, to ensure that the final product is truly unique.

Alexandra’s love of nature and “the beach life” inspired her to create her line, which is modern-bohemian yet practical and chic, vibrantly colored yet simple.  She is against all kinds of exploitation; human, animal and environmental. Ale aims to create a line of cruelty-free products that will inspire people to be kind and considerate to all living creatures and still be fashionable and fabulous.

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