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Adding Beauty to the American Craft Movement

big_dsc1504-copyBy Lynn N. Capri

The art of dichroic glass working has finally evolved into a contemporary mainstay with NGlassworks’ stunning pieces of jewelry.

By stacking colored and patterned glass one upon another, NGlassworks creates contemporary abstract patterns that are candy for the eyes. Each piece of handmade jewelry boasts up to six layers of glass. Whether looking for a beautiful piece of everyday jewelry or a focal point to be oohed and aahed over, each is a miniature work of art to be worn.

What started as a NASA experiment to shield astronauts from harmful spectrums of light resulted in the creation of dichroic glass. The unique and vibrant colors that characterize this type of glass are all due to the way light fractures off its surface. There are at least three colors to each piece: the color of the glass, the color reflecting from the glass, and the refracted color that can only be seen at an angle. This adds an enticing dimension to each piece that creator of NGlassworks Nancy Giere continually plays upon.

For a polished and modern look, the Fan Necklaces showcase stunning pieces of dichroic glass all within the same color theme, Customers can choose from either three, five, or seven pieces to a fan. Best of all, their jewelry is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

big_giere_2010may_01-copyFor customers looking for something a little more understated yet still striking, NGlassworks’ many lines of pendants has something for everyone. The hard part will be choosing between their Classic Collection, which boasts an evening line of pendants inspired by the colors of the night, their Sassy Collection, which is vibrant and just like it sounds, and their Contemporary Collection, which features silk cords and crystal accents.

Their Signature Pendant Collection is truly exquisite. The Red/Bronze designs capture the colorful feelings of Autumn ~ as if you were walking through a forest of falling leaves.  The Signature Collection is available with either a simple but elegant sterling silver or gold plated balil.

Nothing completes an outfit like a beautiful pair of their Eclectic Earrings. Bold jewel and bronze tones peak out from the cover of hair, adding a bit of color and style. Customers can choose from sterling silver French ear wires, surgical steel posts, or silver plated clip-ons.

Lifelong crafter Nancy Giere is delighted with the success of her glass working career. After hearing praise and the constant questions of “How much?” she launched into the market and hasn’t looked back.

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