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A Personal Trainer…for Your Skin???

By Lynn N. Capri

Just like personal trainers work to change your perspective on taking care of your body, Personal Skin Trainer works to change your perspective on taking care of your skin. And it did just that for me ~ it made me realize that keeping my skin healthy and feeling really clean was just a matter of finding the right product and committing to using it. Now, anyone who knows me knows that my attention span for “real” exercise is just about non-existent ~ so it’s a great thing that using Personal Skin Trainer takes a grand total of about two minutes…and that you’ll feel the results immediately (no worries, this isn’t a scrub that makes you feel as if you’re dragging gravel across your face) and see them in about two days.

Alright, enough build-up (no pun intended) ~ how does PST work? Well, here are the basics: Personal Skin Trainer (which is a non-chemical formulation) keeps your skin fit by stimulating the sub-surface layers to regenerate new skin without removing the important top layers which are needed to prevent sun damage.  It keeps those layers in place while maximizing new skin regeneration. Your face gets smoother, it glows, and the skin becomes a lot firmer in just a few days. Fountain of Youth, anyone?

When you order PST (it comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee just in case you don’t love it as much as I do!), you get a really comprehensive pamphlet that talks about the product’s history, formulation, and method of application, plus it offers up some valuable FAQs.

For more information on Personal Skin Trainer, head to ~ you can place an order, watch the video application instructions, and see a side by side comparison of PST to other skin care products.

“It’s not a scrub…It’s not a masque…It’s exercise for your skin!”

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