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“Green” Sierra Club Gifts

By Steph Moore

lifestyle-sierra-club3The Sierra Club gives you the best of both worlds this holiday season ~ they offer items that not only help keep the world green, but are also terrific gifts! Here a just a few of our favorites:

SPONSOR A WILD PLACE Sponsoring a Wild Place not only provides a unique and special gift for someone you love, but gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping preserve America’s wild legacy long after the gift has been opened. Whether you want to support the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Badlands or the Grand Canyon, your symbolic sponsorship supports the Sierra Club’s efforts to protect America’s wildlands and wildlife, keep our air and water clean and promote a clean energy future. Plus you get a cute plush toy! Visit

2013 WILDERNESS CALENDARS A bestseller for over thirty years, Sierra Club wall and engagement calendars feature stunning photography of North American wilderness. Find new inspiration every month from startling images of the mountains, the desert, the forest, the ocean and the plains. Available from your favorite bookseller.

PROTECTING THE PLANET TWO STEPS AT A TIME This holiday season, take a step in the right direction and give the gift Mother Nature herself prefers. Sierra Club socks for men and women are made from organic or recycled fibers, perfect for casual everyday wear or the rugged outdoors. A portion of the proceeds from every pair purchased goes directly to the Sierra Club to support their mission to protect communities, wild places and the planet. NEW for the 2012 holiday season, for every three pairs of socks purchased, Parker Legwear will donate one pair to a Sierra Club Mission.

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